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Welcome to my site, which offers an introduction to the fascinating world of amoeboid organisms and is a place where I can share with you my passion for amoebae. Here you can find a series of my observations, recorded in both drawings and more than 5,400 photomicrographs. More information will be added to this site on a continuing basis.

Although we live in a time of extraordinary advances in the biological sciences, we still do not know much about free-living amoebae in the field. When you start studying amoebae, their world might look quite clear and they seem easy to identify. However, the more you see and learn, the more you will doubt, because many older descriptions of species are vague, incomplete or inadequate.

The menu structure reflects modern taxonomy, though this is not an easy approach for a beginner. You will also find keys, both dichotomous and visualized, to help with the identification.

Please feel free to contact me if you have comments or questions.


Ferry Siemensma         

Phryganella acropodia
Hyalosphenia - Assulina - Arcella - Difflugia - Cyphoderia - Centropyxis - Nebela