Amoeboid of the month



This is an undescribed Allogromia species from an artificial pond in the Netherlands. It's a fresh water Foraminifer. These organisms live in oligotrophic and mesotrophic water bodys, in deep lakes, rivers and ponds, but they are extremely rare and therefore hard to find. Cells are up to 550 µm large, with a more or less flexible test and a very large network of granulopodia. Usually cells have 2 - 6 nuclei, sometimes up to 20. The specimen on the image is about 300 µm in length and it preys on diatoms, green algae, bacteria, flagellates etc.



Phryganella acropodia


Hyalosphenia - Assulina - Arcella - Difflugia - Cyphoderia - Centropyxis - Nebela