world of amoeboid organisms


Arcella discoides

Arcella discoides Arcella discoides Ehrenberg, 1843 Diagnosis: test generally circular in apical view, plano-convex in lateral view,

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Microcorycia Parmulina Microcorycia Microcorycia Amphizonella Corycida Kang et al. 2017 Diagnosis: Cells covered with flexible, leather-like coating forming

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Order Echinamoebida (Cavalier-Smith, 2004) Smirnov et al, 2011 Diagnosis: Flattened limax amoebae with or without spine-like subpseudopodia; if

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Difflugia smilion

Difflugia smilion Thomas, 1953 Diagnosis: shell bilateral symmetrical, cylindrical, gradually swelling from the aperture for about two-thirds

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Nebela spec.

This specimen was collected from the Sima-Moor in Tirol, Austria (2012). It shows two faint lateral projections,

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