Centropyxis longispina


C. longispina, after Decloitre (1956/79) and Laminger (1970 and 1971)


Centropyxis longispina  Decloitre, 1979 (1956?)


Diagnosis: Test fully black, build of dark xenosomes, with thick cement; pseudostome almost semi-circular; spines thin, very long, hollow, and placed on very different positions. Spines are straight, curved or abruptly curved. Test spherical, slightly flattened in the apertural region.


Dimensions: Diameter 50 µm; height 21 µm; length of spines 50-120 µm.


Ecology: Mosses and lichens on soil. Greenland (Decloitre, 1956, 1979), Austria (high altitude, Laminger, 1970-71)