Centropyxis longispina
C. longispina, after Decloitre (1956/79) and Laminger (1970 and 1971)

Centropyxis longispina  Decloitre, 1979

Decloitre described this species as Centropyxis spinosa in 1956 but this name was already preoccupied by Cash (1905), so in 1979 Decloitre changed the name to longispina.

Diagnosis: Test fully black, build of dark xenosomes, with thick cement; pseudostome almost semi-circular; spines thin, very long, hollow, and placed on very different positions. Spines are straight, curved or abruptly curved. Test spherical, slightly flattened in the apertural region.

Dimensions: Diameter 50 µm; height 21 µm; length of spines 50-120 µm.

Ecology: Mosses and lichens on soil. Greenland (Decloitre, 1956, 1979), Austria (high altitude, Laminger, 1970-71)

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