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Limnogromia sinensis
Limnogromia sinensis

Family Limnogromiidae Holzmann and Siemensma, 2020

Diagnosis: Multinucleate agglutinated monothalamous foraminifera. Test cylindrical, flexible, extendible and pliable, encrusted with a large number of small siliceous particles. Aperture terminal or sub-terminal, straight or oblique. Peduncle lying in an internal tube formed by a hyaline peduncular sheath. Nuclei spherical, ovular, numerous, up to 200.

Molecular features: The partial SSU rDNA sequences of Limnogromiidae contain between 1015–1027 nucleotides, the GC content ranges from 46.3%–47.2%. Pairwise distances range from 0.015 to 0.025, the overall average is0.009..

Type genus: Limnogromia Siemensma, Apothéloz-Perret-Gentil, Holzmann, Clauss, Völcker and Pawlowski, 2017.

Genus Limnogromia Siemensma, et al.,  2017, improved diagnosis Siemensma et al., 2020.

Diagnosis: As for family.

Type species: Limnogromia sinensis

Limnogromia saxicola (Penard, 1905)
Limnogromia nigricans (Penard, 1902)
Limnogromia linearis (Penard, 1902)

Ecology: Freshwater, in organic sediment. China.

Limnogromia sinensis
Somewhat compressed cell, thus showing some food particles: blue algae (green) and diatoms (yellow)
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