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Microcorycia bartosi (Bartos, 1940) Decloitre, 1950

Diagnosis: Upper test part dome-shaped, covered with mineral particles in the centre. At the border of covered and uncovered parts, there is a corona of 10-12 slender, hollow thorns that are bulbously bloated at the base. Test color light brown.

Dimensions: Diameter 90-100 µm (Bartos 1940). Length of thorns 27-30 µm; uncovered part of upper test part delicately punctuate.

Remark: State of species questionable. Bartos (1940) initially considered this form to be M. aculeata, but then decided to describe it as a new species. M. bartosi differs from M. aculeata in a smaller size and in the length and basal shape of thorns. Very probably it is only a test variety of M. aculeata.

Ecology: Xerophile moss (Bartos 1940, 1954). Europe: Czechoslovakia.

All from Badewitz, 2004

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