This amoeboid showed up in a two weeks old sample of sediment from the Laegieskamp, It was on the underside of the coverglass where it moved very slowly. Inside the body granules moved in two directions, but there where no granules present along the pseudopodia like in forams. It had one elongated ovoid nucleus with a more or less disc shaped nucleolus. The fine pseudopodia branched, but were never anatomizing.

The amoeboid below came from a sample from Crailoo.

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Infraorder Excentrostoma Kosakyan et al., 2016   Diagnosis: Testate amoebae with an eccentrically placed aperture; test organic with few or many xenosomes. Family Centropyxidae Jung, 1942  

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Infraorder Longithecina Kosakyan et al., 2016   Diagnosis: Testate amoebae with a more or less tubular or cylindrical test and a terminal aperture; test with

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