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Alabasta kivuense
Alabasta kivuense, after Gauthier-Lièvre and Thomas, 1961

Alabasta kivuense  Gauthier-Lièvre and Thomas, 1961

Diagnosis: In frontal view, the test is finger-shaped with subparallel sides, the fundus part being hardly wider than the pseudostome; fundus rounded or sometimes slightly ogival; pseudostome arched and bordered by a more or less thickened and yellow chitinoid lip. In lateral view, highly compressed, with deeply indented pseudostome. Test formed of irregular very transparant polygonal plates, embedded in a yellowish chitinoid cement, also very transparent.

Dimensions: Test length 58-63 μm, width 18-22 μm, thickness 15 μm, pseudostome 13-15 μm wide.

Ecology:  in wet mosses, quite rare. Most of the specimens were slightly curved. Former Belgian Congo, Kivu, between Lubéro and Butembo.

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