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Apogromia spec., the same shell, at the left focused on the underside of the aperture, and at the right focused on the upper side of the aperture, with the border of the aperture visible as a ring. Shell 14 µm long, ornamented with granules.

Apogromia spec.

Diagnosis: Shell hyaline, brown, balloon-shaped or ovoid, double-sided symmetrically, with one side fastened to the substrate; outline sometimes slightly irregular. Shell with a short but distinct tubular neck, somewhat raised and not fastened to the substrate. Pseudopodia granular, very thin, branching and sometimes anatomizing.

Dimensions: My measurement: 11.7 µm (n=1).

Ecology: freshwater; peat bogs, the Netherlands.

Remarks: The raised tubular neck is different from every species observed so far.

Apogromia spec.
The same specimen as above. While the aperture is somewhat raised, the peduncle or “Pseudopodienstiel” through the aperture is out of focus and therefore not visible. R: The outer wall of the shell.
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