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Argynnia crenulata, 101 µm long – Tirol, Austria

Argynnia crenulata (Deflandre, 1936)

Remarks: This variety was noticed by Deflandre (1936, Plate XIII) who showed a picture  with a crenelated, thickened border around the pseudostome.

I have found this species in samples from Tirol, Austria.

Argynnia crenulata
Argynnia crenulata, stacked image
Argynnia crenulata, 101 µm long – Tirol, Austria
Argynnia crenulata, 69 µm long – Tirol, Austria
Argynnia crenulata, 95 µm long – Tirol, Austria
Argynnia crenulata, 77 µm long – Tirol, Austria
Argynnia crenulata, notice the mouth plate of an Euglypha specimen in the shell.
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