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Armaparvus Schuler et Brown, 2018

Diagnosis: Flattened, rounded cells with dorsal subpseudopodia (“cone-like bosses or “mammiliform projections”). No distinct uroidal structures. Anterior cell body commonly seen in trophic amoebae. Amoebae enveloped in a cell coat of small flat scales.
Type species: A. languidus

Armaparvus languidus Schuler & Brown, 2018

Diagnosis: Length in locomotion 5.3–14.9 µm (average 7.2 µm, SD = 1.7, n = 33), width in locomotion 3.4–7.6 µm (average 4.9 µm, SD = 1.0, n = 33), nucleus diameter at widest point 1.3–3.4 µm (average 2.1 µm, SD = 0.6, n = 33), average nucleolus diameter 0.7–2.0 µm (average 1.1 µm, SD = 0.3, n = 33), and cysts diameter 3.1–4.6 µm (average 3.7 µm, SD = 0.5, n = 6). Nucleus commonly oval and large variation in size of nucleolus that does not always correspond to size of cell. Amoebae enveloped in a cell coat of small flat scales. This cell coat was not attached to the cell membrane of A. languidus. The scales in A. languidus are flat ovals 97 nm in length
(SD = 12.2 nm, n = 27) and 49.2 nm in width (SD = 5.5 nm, n = 27). Primarily a bacterivore.

Type location: Isolated from a marine invertebrate; CT, USA.

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