A. seminulum, Tirol, Austria

Assulina seminulum (Ehrenberg, 1848)

Diagnosis: Young shells yellowish, older ones light to dark brown, ovoid, compressed, biconvex in cross-section, with overlapping oval scales; aperture narrow oval, more or less crenulate with organic margin; nucleus vesicular, filopodia.

Dimensions: Length 60-150 µm (several authors, from Hoogenraad and De Groot, 1940)

Remarks: Lüftenegger et al. (2009): Separation between A. seminulum and A. muscorum only by their size, which is in A. seminulum about 1,5 X greater than in A. muscorum (Нооgenraad and De Groot 1937).

A. seminulum – Austria, Tirol
A. seminulum, 79 um, Sweden, Store Mose
A. seminulum, Crailoo, the Netherlands
A. seminulum, after Lueftenegger et al., 1988
A. seminulum, 68 µm, side view, aperture bordered by a thickened rim
A. seminulum, 56 µm, Tirol, Austria
A. seminulum, SEM, from Ogden & Hedley, 1980
A. seminulum, stacked image
A. seminulum, 90 µm
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