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Bullinularia macroporum – from Bobrov and Mazei, 2020

Bullinularia macroporum Bobrov et Mazei, 2020

Diagnosis: Shell yellow-brownish, transparent, circular in ventral view; ventral surface is smooth with rare siliceous particles; ventral side concaved and form an apertural cavity; hemispherical in lateral view; aperture a straight slit in ventral view; upper lip with one row of very large pores, upper lip projecting in an outgrowth that slightly covers the apertural funnel and is visible in the view from the side of the visor.

Dimensions: shell width 110–120 μm; length 110–115 μm; aperture width 39–42 μm; diameter of pores on the dorsal lip 7–8 μm.

Ecology and distribution: Soil. Type locality: Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park located 25 kilometers southeast from the city Sanya, Hainan, China.

Remarks: This species is very close to the original description of Bullinularia minor, but is larger in size; from the species of the same size (Bullinularia gracilis) it is distinguished by its almost circular shape instead of elliptic in B. gracilis; from all known species it differs by presence of large pores on the upper lip.

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