Campascus minutus
Campascus cornutus - After Leidy, 1879



Campascus cornutus Leidy, 1879


Original diagnosis: Shell retort-form, with a short curved neck, and with the obtuse fundus directed backward and upward, and provided on each side with a divergent conical prolongation; composed of translucent, yellowish, homogeneous, chitinoid membrane, incorporated with scattered sand particles. Mouth circular, directed downward, bordered by a delicate, colorless, annular expansion. The interior soft part resembling that of Cyphoderia; a large nucleus at the fundus; pseudopodia filamentous, furcate, exceedingly delicate.


Dimensions: 112-140 µm long.


Ecology: Leidy collected this species in sediments of China Lake, Uinta Mountains, 10,000 feet altitude, Wyoming.