Centropyxiella lucida
Centropyxiella lucida, after Golemansky, 1971

Centropyxiella lucida  Golemansky, 1971

Diagnosis: In ventral view, test elliptical with almost parallel sides with regular round ends. Pseudostome broad oval or circular, in the same plane as the ventral side or slightly oblique. Test slightly dorso-ventrally compressed, colorless and hyaline, embedded with platelets of different size and shape and with large space between them. Pseudostome with larger xenosomes which also lay closer together.

Dimensions: Length 70-81 µm; width 38-42 µm; thickness 30-36 µm; aperture 21-25 µm.

Ecology: Marine. Sandy beach, Nanaimo, West Canada.

Reference: Golemansky, V., 1971. Taxonomische und zoogeographische Notizen über die thekamöbe Fauna (Rhizopoda, Testacea) der Küstengrundwasser der sowjetischen Fernostküste (Japanisches Meer) und der Westküste Kanadas (Stiller Ozean). Arch. Protist., 113:235-249.


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