Centropyxiella oopyxiformis
Centropyxiella oopyxiformis, after Chardez, 1977

Centropyxiella oopyxiformis  Chardez, 1977

Diagnosis: Test elongated, dorso-ventrally compressed, fundus always smaller than the anterior part with an oval pseudostome with an irregular contour, without invagination and without collar. Ventral side flat. Test chitinous with polymorph mineral grains.

Dimensions: Length 48-50 µm; width 22-25 µm; thickness 18-20 µm; aperture 12-14 x 19-20 µm.

Ecology: Marine. Sandy beaches, North Sea, Belgium.

Remark: This species may be more related to the genus Oopyxis than to Centropyxiella.

Reference: Chardez, D., 1977. Thécamoebiens du Mésopsammon des Plages de la Mer du Nord. Rev. Verviétoise d’Hist. Nat., 34, 4-6.


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