Centropyxis carinata
C. carinata, after Chardez, 1964

Centropyxis carinata Chardez, 1964

Diagnosis: Test in ventral view circular, ventral side perfectly flat; aperture slightly eccentric, circular or oval, with strong and abrupt invagination. No internal bridges. Dorsal surface regularly domed, merging into a flat edge surrounding the whole test, anteriorly somewhat smaller than posteriorly. Test yellow-brownish, green or orange, chitinous, finely granulated and embedded with small polymorph xenosomes. The edge is very clear, often transparent and almost exclusively built of diatom frustules.

Dimensions: Diameter 180-220 µm, height 50-55 µm.

Ecology: Freshwater, Congo-Kinshasa, Soudan.

Centropyxis carinata
C. carinata, from Chardez, 1994
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