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Centropyxis cordobensis
C. cordobensis, after Vucetich, 1976

Centropyxis cordobensis  Vucetich, 1976

Diagnosis: Test very large and robust, with broad oval outline in ventral view; side view is high, curved strongly toward the ventral region. In dorsal view the aperture is visible as a semi-circular line. Pseudostome eccentric, oval with an internal chitinous flange. Test composed of exogenous siliceous particles of different size and detritus, all adhering to a dark chitinous cement.

Dimensions: Length: 2б0-285 µm; height: 190-210 µm; At = 200-210 µm; S = 100-110 x 120-135; At / L = 0.75 to 0.76.

Ecology: Described from Suquía, Согdоbа, without additional information. I have found similar specimens in sediment of ditches near the Naardermeer, the Netherlands, but I think that these belong to C. ecornis.
Holotype: 182 Nr prepared deposited in the collection of the Institute of Limnology Tecamebianos.

Remarks: According to Vucetich the most similar species is Centropyxis gibba Deflandre, from which it differs by the inclination of the dorsal curvature, the shape and structure of its pseudostome and its much larger dimensions. Limnobios, Vol. 1. FASC. 2 (1976)

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