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Centropyxis elongata
Centropyxis elongata
C. elongata, Croatia, Cave

Centropyxis elongata  (Penard, 1890) Thomas, 1959

Diagnosis: Test in ventral view elliptic, elongated with almost parallel or slightly tapering lateral sides towards the aperture; test covered with irregular, transparent, thin, often flat xenosomes; posterior region in lateral view slightly inflated; aperture circular or semicircular, strongly biased towards the anterior margin, occupying a third of the entire length of the shell, commonly encrusted with mineral particles along the outer contour.

Dimensions: Length of test: Penard (1890) 60-75 μm, Thomas (1959) 56-65 μm, Lüftenegger et al. (1988) 47-63 μm (n=30); width of test: Penard 25-40 μm, Thomas 29-33 μm, Lüftenegger et al. 29-36 μm; width of aperture: Thomas 18-20 μm, Lüftenegger et al. 15-20 μm.

Ecology: Sphagnum, soils, humus.

Centropyxis elongata
C. elongata, after Penard, 1890 (upper row) and Thomas, 1959 (lower row)
Centropyxis elongata
C. elongata, after Lüftenegger et al., 1988


Lueftenegger, G., Petz, W., Berger, H., Foissner, W. and Adam, H.: Morphologic and Biometric Characterization of Twenty-four Soil Testate Amoebae (Protozoa, Rhizopoda) – Arch. Protistenkd. 136 (1988): 153-189.

Thomas, R. (1959): Les Thécamoebiens muscicoles et terricoles: notions d’écologie générale et comparative. – P. Soc. Linn. Bordeaux 98: 27-53.

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