Centropyxis gibba
C. gibba, after Deflandre, 1929


Centropyxis gibba Deflandre, 1929


Diagnosis: Test in ventral view broadly elliptical, in lateral view relatively high, slightly shorter than long, near the aperture of the test tapering (in a side view). Pseudostome wide elliptical. Fundus with short spines; test chitinous, embedded with a small amount of xenosomes.

Dimensions: Length of test 96-114 µm, width 85-95 µm, height 87-95 µm.

Ecology: Sphagnum, moist mosses.


Related taxa:

C. gibba inermis Bartok, 1940. It differs from the typical form in smaller size and the absence of spines. Length of the test is 68 µm, width is 45 µm, and height 45 µm.




Deflandre, G. (1929): Le genre Centropyxis STEIN. – Arch. Protistenkd. 67: 322-375