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Centropyxis oomorpha
C. oomorpha, after Schönborn et al., 1983

Centropyxis oomorpha  Schönborn, Foissner and Meisterfeld, 1983

Diagnosis: Test in ventral view ovoid to elliptical, hemispherical in lateral view. Anterior part slightly tapering towards the rounded fundus. Pseudostome narrow with curved front edge, anterior margin more convex than the posterior margin. Height/length ratio is 0.56 – 0.65, ranging from width/length between 0.62 and 0.75. Covering of the yellow-brown to brown tests consists of flat mineral particles, which give the outer wall a smooth surface. The anterior pseudostomal lip is usually formed by a series of larger platelets. No cement structures could be observed in SEM. Nucleus elliptical (17 µm x 13 µm), with a nucleolus, surrounded by a “chromium”. Pseudopodia were not observed.

Dimensions: 74-134 x 53-72 x 45-66 µm.

Ecology: Soil in beech woods, Germany (Jena, Göttingen)

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