Chaos spec.



Chaos spec.


I found this only specimen in a sample of floating debris from Kromme Rade, the Netherlands. The amoeba was slender and active, with no food particles present. It had about 16 nuclei, each disc shaped, circular from above and broad elliptical in lateral view. Small pieces of nucleolar material lay dispersed throughout the nucleus. All nuclei were c. 18-21 µm in diameter.


Dimensions: monopodium 450-550 µm; nuclei 18.1-21.1 µm.


Ecology: fresh water, floating debris, Kromme Rade, the Netherlands.


About seven nuclei are visible, see detail below
Specimen from Crailoo, with c. 30 nuclei. Cell strongly flattened between cover glass and slide.
Nuclei of the specimen above. All nuclei are disc or kidney shaped; most are visible in lateral view.
Nuclei, the same as above.