Choanocystis roijackersi  Wujek et Saha, 2006

Diagnosis:  Cells 15-30 µm; periplast comprising two types of scales: plates and spines; plate scales elliptical, broadly ovate, or with a median constriction, c. 1.25-2.5 X 2-3.5 µm, without any ornamentation or clearly defined central ridge; spine scales cylindrical, 1.5-3 µm long, bipartite, consisting of a shaft and base plate; base plate asymmetrical, shaft straight, c. 0.2 µm thick, hollow. apex with 2-4 teeth; shaft slightly constricted at base at junction of base plate; protoplast unknown.

Ecology: Freshwater, India (Kharagpur Reservoir)

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