Vannella lata
Clydonella sawyeri, from Kudryavtsev and Volkova 2018



Genus Clydonella Sawyer, 1975


Diagnosis: Characters of the genus are intermediate between Vannella and Platyamoeba. Locomotive form with anterior hyaline region occupying 2/3 of the cell length. Hyaloplasm with faint lateral folds as ripples over anterior region. Locomotive form ovoid, usually 10 to 40 µm. No posterior uroid. Floating form with radiate, sometimes irregularly twisted pseudopodia; in some, radiating pseudopodia bent or extended in multiples of 2. Nucleus distinct with central nucleolus. Cytoplasm containing few vesicles. No cytoplasmic crystals or cysts. Fine structure of cell coat unknown.


Ecology: All 5 species marine.

C. vivax Schaeffer 1926

C. rosenfieldi Sawyer 1975

C. sindermanni Sawyer 1975

C. wardi Sawyer 1975

C. sawyeri Kudryavtsev and Volkova 2018


Reference: Kudryavtsev, Alexander, Volkova, Ekaterina, Clydonella sawyeri n.sp.(Amoebozoa, Vannellida): Morphological and molecular study and a redefinition of the genus Clydonella Sawyer, 1975. European Journal of Protistology


Clydonella sindermanni
Clydonella sindermanni, from Bovee and Sawyer, 1979
Clydonella vivax
clydonella-vivax, from Bovee and Sawyer, 1979