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Nebela ansata
C. jiuhuensis from Qin et al, 2016


Cornutheca jiuhuensis (Qin et al., 2016)

Diagnosis: Test laterally compressed, pyriform in broad lateral view and tapering from the middle of the test to the aperture. Aperture oval in front view with an organic lip. In broad lateral view, two short hollow horn-like extensions are visible, beginning from the middle and pointing towards the bottom of the test. A flat extension of the test (i.e. “keel”) is present between the horn-like extensions and the main part of the test giving the test a smooth general outline in broad lateral view. In narrow lateral view, the test is narrowly pyriform with the aboral end somewhat pointed. The test is colorless, covered by more or less oval transparent plates, interpreted as recycled siliceous scales taken from euglyphid prey.

Dimensions: Length 176-226 µm, mean 199 µm, width 101-130 µm, mean 118 µm. Aperture is 30-46 µm, mean 37 µm.

Ecology: Wet habitats, such as Sphagnum-dominated peatlands.

Cornutheca jiuhuensis has been found exclusively in Eastern Asia. To date, it has been reported only from Dajiuhu peatland and from another peatland in Hunan Province, also near the Middle Yangtze reach.

Reference: Yangmin Qin, Baiying Man, Anush Kosakyan, Enrique Lara, Yansheng Gu, Hongmei Wang & Edward A. D. Mitchell: Nebela jiuhuensis nov. sp. (Amoebozoa; Arcellinida; Hyalospheniidae): A New Member of the Nebela sacciferaequicalceus – ansata Group Described from Sphagnum Peatlands in South-Central China – Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 2016, 0, 1–9

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