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Corythion asperulum
Corythion asperulum
C. asperulum mosses on tree, Saarburg, Germany

Corythion asperulum Schönborn, 1988

Diagnosis: Shell ovoid in dorsal view, dorso ventrally compressed; aperture n´early semicircular, slightly invaginated, with a row of teeth. Idiosomes consist of elongate oval plates, irregularly placed on the shell. Shell with a variable number of tiny spines, distributed over the whole surface. Spines protrude singly from the junctions of the plates. Idiosomes and spines essentially consist of silicium. Shells colorless and usually transparent. Nucleus with a slightly eccentric nucleolus.

Dimensions: length 31.2-43.7 µm, width 31.2-43.7 µm, height 17.5-21.9 µm.

Ecology: Schönborn found this species in spruce forest soil in Thüringen, Germany, I found it in mosses on trees, also in Germany (Saarburg).

Remarks: This species is closely related to C. dubium.

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