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Corythionella georgiana, after Nicholls, 2005

Corythionella georgiana Nicholls, 2005

Diagnosis: Shell translucent, colourless to pale yellow in colour, elongate-elliptical to nearly circular in outline (ventral and dorsal views). Shell with a rounded-triangular outline in optical cross-section. Pseudostomal aperture separated from the main body of the shell by a short bent neck having a slightly flared anterior rim (not readily observed in some specimens). Test covered with small (0.7-0.9 × 1-2.3 μm) elongated silica scales, randomly arranged with no overlapping of their margins. Protoplast with long, sometimes branching filose pseudopodia.

Dimensions: Length 33-(39)-41 µm , width 21-(24.5)-27 µm, height 17-(18)-20 µm (n=63).

Ecology and distribution: Freshwater. Beach sand in the wave zone (supralittoral) at Beach Number 2, Wasaga Beach, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron. Ontario, Canada (44° 29′ 18″ N; 80° 04′ 17″ W).

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