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Cyclopyxis parvula
C. eurystoma var. parvula from Bonnet et Thomas 1960

Cyclopyxis eurystoma var. parvula  Bonnet et Thomas 1960

Diagnosis: Test shaped like an Arcella, with mineral grains and small in size. In side view the test has a high dome, about three-quarters of its diameter. In ventral view circular, rarely a little elliptical; pseudostome large, about the test diameter, with a slight invagination, as in the type. Test covered with mineral grains, fragmented, sometimes not very abundant. The top of the dome is often covered with quartz elements that are larger than elsewhere. The size of this variety is significantly smaller than that of the type, even for larger individuals.

Dimensions: Diameter: 30 – 33 µm. Height: 23 – 25 µm. Pseudostome diameter: 18 – 20 µm (in Africa, these measurements are respectively: 32 – 52 µm; 30 – 33 µm; 18 – 22 µm).

Ecology: Soil mosses (Gironde); under Thymus vulgaris L. on the edge of the Massane forest (Pyrénées-Orientales). This variety also exists in Africa: Hoggar, near Oued Tamamassu; Algeria, Algiers region and La Calle region; Uganda (unpublished documents L. Gauthier- Lièvre).

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