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Cyclopyxis kahli var. cyclostoma
Cyclopyxis kahli var. cyclostoma  – after Bonnet et Thomans, 1960

Cyclopyxis kahli var. cyclostoma Bonnet et Thomans, 1960

Diagnosis: The type as defined by Deflandre, 1929, has an irregular, more or less jagged, contour due to irregular mineral particles overflowing the border of the aperture. The pseudostome of the variety cyclostoma is without such irregular and overflowing elements; it is not always circular, and often has an irregular contour, but not lobed. The connection of the side wall to the dorsal wall, visible during lateral observation, appears less clearly angular than in the type. Structure of the test wall similar to that of the type in general.

Dimensions: Test diameter 80-100 µm; height 50-60 µm; pseudostome diameter 12-30 µm.

Ecology: Rhizosphere of Brachypodiμm rainosμm on micaschists, near Paulilles (Pyrénées-Orientales). Algeria: marshes near La Calle and ponds of Reghaïa near Algiers (unpublished docμments L. Gauthier-Lièvre).


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