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Cyclopyxis leclercqi
Cyclopyxis leclercqi from Beyens and Chardez, 1986

Cyclopyxis leclercqi Beyens and Chardez, 1986

Diagnosis: Shell circular in apertural view, dorso-ventrally compressed with a swollen rim, composed of small polymorphous mineral particles. Aperture slightly invaginated, circular and central, with three of four internal extensions reaching the dorsal part of the shell.

Dimensions: Test diameter 116-118 µm; height 33-38 µm; aperture 55-58 µm (n=5)

Ecology: Mosses, Greenland. The habitat is situated in the river delta at the head of the fjord. It is a pool (11 m long and max. 4 m wide) partly overgrown by subaquatic mosses. The surrounding vegetation consists mainly of Salix glauca ssp. callicarpaea (Trauty) Boch., Equisetum variegatum Schleich., Polygonum viviparum L., Salix herbacea L. and Bartsia alpina L. Sampling occurred on 20.07.1978.
The temperature of the water, in bright weather, was 16°C at the surface, and 10°C on the bottom at 30 cm, with a pH of 6.8 to 7, and 12 mg dissolved oxygen. The testate amoebae population consisted of only five species with Cyclopyxis leclercqi comprising 53% of the individuals. Euglypha tuberculata Dujardin (26.5%), Centropyxis aerophila sphagnicola Deflandre (8.8%), Difflugia linearis (Penard) Gauthier-Lievre et Thomas (5.8%) and Centropyxis aerophila Deflandre (2%) were also observed.

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