Cyclopyxis puteus
C. puteus, – from Thomas, 1960


Cyclopyxis puteus  Thomas, 1960

Diagnosis: Test in general similar as C. kahli, but much larger. One other particular trait is the construction of its pseudostome, which makes this species easy to identify. The aperture of the pseudostome is at the end of a strongly invaginated conical tube or funnel. This pseudostome is more or less circular with an slightly crenulated and granulated edge. In ventral view, the pseudostomal tube shows a very clear double contour.

Dimensions: diameter 145-163 µm; height 110-120 µm; pseudostome 25-35 µm; base of the tube 45-50 µm; length of tube 28-30 µm.

Ecology: Soil, France

Cyclopyxis leidyi
Cyclopyxis leidyi
cf C. puteus, both tests with high pseudostomal funnel. Both tests are from Indonesia.
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