Darbyshirella spec.
c. 300 µm, characteristic shape

Darbyshirella spec.

Dimensions: my measurements: body 300-350 µm; nuclei 3.4 µm.

Ecology: Fresh water, Sphagnum.

Remarks: I found this specimen in a two months old sample. The amoeboid showed up in a moist chamber preparation after two days. It didn’t move, only changed its fine subfilopodia. There was a continuing bidirectional streaming of granules. The specimen had about ten nuclei, in shape varying from spherical to elongated elliptical. There were several contractile vacuoles. The sample came from the Rotes Wasser, Germany.

Leptophrys elegans
Development of a contractile vacuole: a small vacuoles  b vacuoles join together c one large vacuole
This specimen below showed up in the same sample, but one day later. I had only time to make some photomicrographs. When I returned some hours later, it was gone. It had two nuclei, visible as two eyes in the central part. There was also a distinct bidirectional streaming. I’m not sure if this specimen is identical with the one above.


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