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Difflugia australis
D. australis after Playfair, 1917

Difflugia australis (Playfair, 1917) Gauthier-Lièvre et Thomas, 1958
Syn.: Difflugia bacillariarum var. australis Playfair 1917

Diagnosis: Test broadly ovate, with rounded dome and convex sides converging right down to within a very short distance of the aperture at which point they diverge suddenly into a slight rim. Test very often more or less asymmetrical, one side being more inflated than the other, and the tail slanting. Fundus with a tail-like appendage. Collar of very small plates of equal size.

Dimensions: Playfair: Length 100-120 µm; width 57-72 µm; pseudostome 23-36 µm; collar 6 µm.
Vucetich: Length 100-120 µm; width 58-75 µm; pseudostome 25-35 µm; collar 6-8 µm.
Chardez (1978): Length 110-166 µm; width 60-79 µm; pseudostome 25-35 µm; collar 0-6 µm.

Ecology: Freshwater. Sphagnum. Australia, Argentina, Belgium.

Difflugia australis
D. australis after Chardez, 1978
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