Difflugia praestans
D. delicatula, from Gauthier-Lièvre et Thomas, 1958



Difflugia delicatula  Gauthier-Lièvre et Thomas, 1958


Diagnosis: Test ovoid or ellipsoid, more or less elongated, progressively attenuating at the posterior part in a more or less tapered horn, not acute and slightly eccentric. At the anterior part the flanks converge rather sharply and form a constriction limiting the base of a collar; it then flares outward. In lateral view, the edge of this collar appears slightly wavy, pseudostome circular; test in cross-section also circular. Test transparent, fragile and delicate; the chitinoid test is finely covered with polygonal hyaline plates, spaced apart.


Dimensions: Length 75 - 100 µm; pseudostome 15 µm.


Ecology: Fresh water, Brazzaville, Africa


Remarks: This species resembles in its shape Pareuglypha reticulata.