Difflugia elegans - Ferry Siemensma


Difflugia elegans



Difflugia elegans complex


Diagnosis: shell outline variable, pyriform, usually with a slight constriction near the aperture to form a neck; one to three aboral tubular horns present, often curved and perforated at the apex; shell composed of small and/or large pieces of angular quartz and sometimes diatom frustules, bounded together by an organic cement; aperture usually circular.


Dimensions: Length in literature 80-162 µm; breadth 39-99 µm.


Remarks: Variation in the construction of the test is considerable, as is the length and shape of the tubular horn(s).
Within the D. elegans complex Mazei and Warner (2012) distinguish as a separate taxon D. elegans Penard, 1890, with following synonyms:

  • D. amphoralis Hopkinson, 1909
  • D. tricornis (Jung, 1936) Ogden, 1983
  • D. elegans f. tricornis Jung, 1936
  • D. elegans f. bicornis Jung, 1936
  • D. australis (Playfair, 1918) Gautier-Lièvre et Thomas, 1958
  • D. solowetskii Mereschkowsky,1877
  • D. varians Penard, 1902
  • D. leidyi Wailes, 1912
  • D. borodini Gassowsky, 1936
  • D. juzephiniensis Dekhtyar, 1993
  • D. elegans var. teres Penard, 1899
  • D. elegans var. angustata Deflandre, 1926


Difflugia elegans - Ferry Siemensma
Difflugia elegans, with pseudopodia