Difflugia triangularis
D. triangularis , from Vucetich, 1978



Difflugia triangularis   Vucetich, 1978


Diagnosis: Test large, elongated, with truncated rhombic appearance; from the pseudostome the flanks diverge smoothly, test widening towards the posterior region that ends in three somewhat blunt angles; in lateral view the test is very compressed, its thickness in most of the specimens is less than half of the width of the test. The pseudostomal section is elliptical. The test is embedded with proportionally large graines, not remodeled and juxtaposed, joined by a grayish cement. The color of the teak is silvery gray, bright.


Dimensions: Length 435 - 469 µm; width 250 - 280 µm.


Ecology: Fresh water, Argentina


Remarks: This species belongs to the D. nodosa compex.