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Diplochlamys spec. 164 and 342 µm

Diplochlamys spec.

Diagnosis: Test membranous, hemispherical to spherical, greyish-yellow, bilayered; inner hyaline sac enclosing the cell with flexible aperture, outer layer more stiff, consists of loosely arranged organic spheres. Size c. up to 400 µm. Endoplasm granular; multinucleate, nuclei spherical with irregular nucleoli, dispersed throughout the nucleus, each nucleus c. 18 µm.

Dimensions: 164 – 378 µm; nuclei c. µm

Ecology: Sphagnum, Austria (Mittermoor, Tirol)

Remarks: This undescribed species resembles D. vestita Penard, 1909, but is much larger. The nuclei of D. vestita are much smaller (3-5 µm) and its structure is different (one central nucleolus).
This new species was abundant in Sphagnum, but is hard to manipulate because of the dense covering with debris which makes it extremely difficult to observe the cytoplasm, number of nuclei and kind of food. With some luck I managed to press cytoplasm out of the membranous test. It was rather clear without food particles.

Specimen pressed by the cover glass; some cytoplasm was squeezed out of the test. P = pseudostome; M = Inner membrane
Arrow points to a stiff part of the test.


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