From Penard, 1909

Diplochlamys vestita Penard, 1909

Diagnosis: Test hemispherical, but more flattened than other species, round, greyish-yellow, bilayered; inner hyaline sac enclosing the cell with flexible aperture, outer layer consists of loosely arranged organic spheres. Size c. 100 µm. Endoplasm granular, usually more than 100 vesicular nuclei, each c. 3-5 µm.

Ecology: herbivorous, mosses on trees, soil.

Remarks: see Penard (1909)

Specimen probably dead, stacked images – From moss on a tree near Saarburg, Germany
From Penard, 1909
This specimen was swollen, probably dead – From moss on a tree near Saarburg, Germany
Cyst, from moss on a tree near Saarburg, Germany
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