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Euglyphidion enigmaticum – after Bonnet, 1960

Genus Euglyphidion Bonnet, 196

Diagnosis: Shell hyaline, ovoid, pseudostome circular or slightly elliptical. Shell loosely covered with two types of not adjacent siliceous oval scales.

Type species: E. enigmaticum Bonnet, 1960

Euglyphidion enigmaticum Bonnet, 1960

Diagnosis: Shell small, hyaline, ovoid, circular in cross section. Sides converging towards the sub-circular terminal pseudostome. Shell covered with two types of siliceous, oblong and not adjacent. One type relatively large (6.0×3.5 µm), making the contour of the shell a little angular, the second type much smaller (1.5×1.0 µm). All scales are separated from each other by abundant colorless cement.

Dimensions: Length 30-31 µm; diameter 17-18 µm; pseudostomal diameter 10 µm.

Ecology and distribution: In humid mor or moder type soils, acidophilous; first reported from subalpine vegetation, on granite substrate, Pyrenees, France.

Euglyphidion bonneti – after Decloitre, 1973

Euglyphidion bonneti Decloitre, 1973

Diagnosis: Shell small, hyaline, pouch-shaped, circular in cross section, with circular terminal pseudostome. Shell covered with two types of siliceous, circular and not adjacent scales. One type relatively large, the second type much smaller and less abundant.

Dimensions: Length 45 µm; diameter 25 µm; pseudostomal diameter 15 µm.

Ecology and distribution: Soil. Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos.

Euglyphidion solida
Euglyphidion solida – after Chardez, 1971

Euglyphidion solida Chardez, 1971

Diagnosis: Shell elongated, hyaline, circular in cross section, with circular terminal pseudostome. Shell covered with siliceous scales, both oval and circular and not adjacent scales, that are hardly visible. Shell contour irregular due to the thick layer of chitinous cement.

Dimensions: Length 35-38 µm; diameter 17-20 µm; pseudostomal diameter 8-10 µm.

Ecology and distribution: ?

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