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Flabellula pomeranica
Flabellula pomeranica, from Smirnov et al., 2016

Flabellula pomeranica Kudryavtsev, 2016

Diagnosis: Cells in locomotion semicircular, fan-shaped or ovoid in outlines. Length of the locomotive form 9-24 µm (average 17 µm), breadth 13-38 µm (average 23 µm), length:breadth ratio 0.47-1.15 (average 0.77).

Differential diagnosis: By size range similar to Flabellula baltica and Flabellula reniformis, but is wider in locomotion, more fan-shaped, virtually never irregularly triangular in locomotion. Differs from any sequenced species in SSU rDNA sequence.

Ecology: Type location: brackish sediment from the littoral zone of a sandy beach to the west of the town of Rostock (The Baltic Sea, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania).

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