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Flamella balnearia Kudryavtsev et al., 2009

Diagnosis: Fan-shaped or semi circular during locomotion; smooth anterior hyaloplasm, subpseudopodia mostly absent; trailing filaments short, rarely one long trailing filament in the beginning of movement. Observed length during locomotion 11-34 µm (average 20 µm), breadth 19-51 µm (average 33 µm), length – breadth ratio 0.4-1 (average 0.63). Spherical or ovoid vesicular nucleus 3-6.5 µm in diameter (average 4.6 µm) with a central nucleolus 1-3 µm in diameter (average 2 µm); large cells with up to 6 nuclei may be present in cultures. About 15 asynchronously operating contractile vacuoles in the granuloplasm. Cysts uninucleate, 10-17 µm in diameter (average 12.3 mm). Cystwall 300-400 nm thick consisting of the continuous finely fibrillar inner most layer 80-100 nm thick, and an outer, coarsely fibrillar layer split into an irregular outer sheet (corresponding to ectocyst visible with LM) 80-100 nm thick, and an inner sheet containing ostioles with operculae (about 1.7 µm in diameter).

Ecology: freshwater, aerobic, Germany.

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