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Flamella tiara
Flamella piscinae – from Walthall et al. 2016

Flamella piscinae Walthall, Tice et Brown, 2016

Diagnosis: Species with characteristics of the genus. Freshwater inhabiting fan-shaped amoeba. Breadth is significantly wider than the length of actively moving trophozoites. Front, leading-edge, hyaloplasm devoid of inclusions with an inclusion-rich rear granuloplasm that makes up about 2/3 of the cell length. Frequently with long adhesive uroidal filaments extending from trailing end. Length in locomotion 14–23 μm (average 19 μm), breath 18–39 μm (27.7 μm) (length to breath ratio averages 0.7). Floating form with long acutely pointed pseudopodia radiating from all areas of the cell. Cell with one or two nuclei, more nuclei not observed. Vesicular nuclei, 3–8 μm (4 μm) in diameter, with central nucleolus 1.4–3.7 μm (2.4 μm) in diameter. Cysts readily observed as singular, in groups, or in chains. Cysts with multiple walls common. Cysts 4–13 μm (average 8 μm) in diameter.

Ecology: freshwater, swimming pool, Mississippi, USA

Walthall, A.C., Tice, A.K., Brown M.W.: A New Species of Flamella (Amoebozoa, Variosea, Gracilipodida) Isolated from a Freshwater Pool in Southern Mississippi, USA – Acta Protozool. (2016) 55: 111–117

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