Flamella species



Family Flamellidae Lahr and Katz 2011


Diagnosis: flattened, sometimes fan-shaped amoebae that can produce digitiform sub-pseudopodia from an anterior wide hyaloplasm margin, or can produce thin pseudopods from the cell body. Central, non-diffuse nucleolus in trophozoites.
Type species: Flamella magnifica Schaeffer 1926



Genus Flamella Schaeffer, 1926 emen. Kudryavtsev et al, 2009

Diagnosis: Flattened naked amoebae; fan-shaped, semicircular or diadem-shaped during locomotion. Wide anterior hyaloplasm often producing blunt finger-shaped hyaline subpseudopodia; trailing filaments present in most species. Movement non-eruptive. Cysts, when present, double-walled with ostioles and operculae.


F. magnifica
F. citrensis

F. tiara
F. aegyptia
F. lacustris
F. arnhemensis
F. balnearia
F. fluviatilis F. piscinae