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Genus Micramphora  Valkanov, 1970

Diagnosis: Test rounded, pot-shaped, with somewhat constricted neck and a funnel-shaped terminal pseudostome (Fig. 9). Shell transparent, chitinoid. Most species small (<30 µm). Habitat: marine interstitial. Six species, all marine. A similar genus with an irregular apertural funnel but lacking a neck is Micramphoraeopsis Sudzuki (1979). Whether it is a valid genus is yet to be confirmed. Refs. Valkanov (1970), Chardez (1977).

Type species: Micramphora pontica Valkanov, 1970

Micramphora tokioensis, after Golemansky, 1979
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Euglypha bryophila

Euglypha bryophila, after Brown, 1911 (L), from Ecuador (R) Euglypha bryophila  Brown, 1911 Diagnosis: (Original description) The test is very regular in form and subject

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(A) A Scenedesmus cell (arrow) is engulfed by a trophozoite. (B) Several Scenedesmus cells adhere to the surface of a plasmodium that has numerous vacuoles

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Actinosphaeridium spec.

Actinosphaeridium spec. Diagnosis: Cell surrounded by a membranous shell, with an outer mucous layer. Filopodia with granules, sometimes branching. Cell stalked. Ecology: I found this

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Euglyphidion enigmaticum – after Bonnet, 1960 Genus Euglyphidion Bonnet, 196 Diagnosis: Shell hyaline, ovoid, pseudostome circular or slightly elliptical. Shell loosely covered with two types of

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Leptomyxa spec.

Leptomyxa sp., slowly retracting in response to the light of the microscope Leptomyxa sp. Diagnose: This is a very large amoeba which I found in

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Zivkovicia spec.

Zivkovicia spec., 200 µm long; the right image is viewed through the aperture Zivkovicia spec.  Diagnosis: Shell pyriform, circular in oral view, with a clear

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