Genus Pseudocorythion Valkanov, 1970

Diagnosis: Shell ovoid in ventral view, tapering at both ends, slightly flattened dorso-ventrally. Aperture with a large circular collar of the same size as the maximum breadth; posteriorly the test carries a small pointed spine of variable length. In lateral view, the fan-like collar is constricted to form a ridge at the rear junction with the body (P. wailesi). Outer limit of the collar marked by a very thin organic rim. This collar can have a wavy outline. The shell is composed of small circular or oval overlapping plates which are randomly arranged. The cell almost fills the test. The spherical nucleus is surrounded by a dense granular area.

Ecology: Marine interstitial.

Four species. Similar genera are Micropsammelloides and Corythionelloides, Sudzuki, 1979

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