Genus Sacciforma Dumack, Öztoprak, Rüger and Bonkowski, 2017

Diagnosis: Cell body in contrast to the apical-basal compressed Rhogostoma and Capsellina, to which it is closely related, elongated (length-width ratio approx. 1.5) and ventral flattened. Freshwater. Cysts, floating- or flagellate stages unknown.

Type species: Sacciforma sacciformis (Hertwig and Lesser 1874)

Etymology: saccus {noun} [Latin] = bag; formis {noun} [Latin] = shape; refers to the bag-like shape of the cell body, derived from the species name of the type species Sacciforma sacciformis, described as Plagiophrys sacciformis by Hertwig and Lesser,1874.

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