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Nebela Gibbocarina orbicularis
G. orbicularis, Austria – photomicrograph Hans Rothauscher

Gibbocarina orbicularis  Deflandre 1936
Nebela galeata var. orbicularis 

Diagnosis: Test circular or almost circular, with a short neck, ornamented with a thin chitinous lip.
Deflandre (1936) described this species as Nebela var. orbicularis, which has a reduced margin and is oval or circular in shape.

Dimensions: L: 166- 208 µm, B: 140-170 µm. 

Remarks: A formal change is not required in this case according to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature: According to article 45.6.3, as the name was published before 1961 using the abbreviation var., it is deemed to be subspecific rather than infra-subspecific and therefore falls under rulings for species-group nominal taxa (Chapter 10). According to article 46.1, names established at either species ranks (species or subspecies) are simultaneously established at the other rank, with same author and same type. Authority thus is unchanged.


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