Heleopera petricola var. amethystea - stacked image


Genus Heleopera Leidy, 1879


Diagnosis: shell always laterally compressed; aperture terminal, lenticular or slit-shaped, with a thin but distinct organic rim; colorless or yellowish, but with reddish or purple species; test composed of collected euglyphid body plates, mineral particles or diatoms, these materials often coated and reinforced  with siliceous material; nucleus ovular.

Ecology: sediments, mosses (Sphagnum) and soil.


  Key to the species:


Shell colorless or yellowish to brownish yellow 2


Shell wine red to purple red or purple

Shell yellow to brown yellow, hardly covered with xenosomes; protoplasm with zoochlorellae

H. sphagni


Shell colorless, usually covered with many xenosomes


Shell wine red, with yellow lip H. rosea


Shell purple red to purple, without yellow lip H. petricola var. amethystea



Heleopera, with broad slit

Heleopera petricola, with split-shaped pseudostome - stacked image

Heleopera - stacked image

Heleopera petricola - stacked image