Heterophrys myriopoda

Heterophrys myriopoda, 61 µm



Genus Heterophrys Archer, 1869, emend. Mikrjukov, 1996


Diagnosis: Centrohelid heliozoa with the cell body covered by a mucous coat, which often seems grainy; a lot of radial organic spicules disperse from it. Siliceous elements in the cell envelope are absent. One species has a mucous stalk.
Type species H. myriopoda Archer 1868.


Remarks: Sequence data are needed for the other two nominate species (H. minuta, H. simplex) to see if they also belong here. As Heterophryidae are polyphyletic, Chlamydaster, Oxnerella (a completely naked genus with no scales or mucous coat, formerly also included in the family), and H. marina are now excluded.


Heterophrys cells with loosely dispersed spines

Heterophrys myriopoda

The same cell as above

Heterophrys myriopoda

Dried specimen with the spicula clearly visible.