Heterophrys febvre-chevalierae Mikrjukov, 1996

Diagnosis: Cells 10-25 µm in diameter, surrounded by a thin mucous coat and placed at a top of a mucous stalk. Radial spicules arise from the cell coat and the upper part of the stalk; they are of uniform width, tapering abruptly towards sharp apices; their length is ca. the cell diameter.

Ecology: Marine.

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Microcorycia spec. , folded Microcorycia spec.? I found this specimen in a sample from moss on a fallen tree in a marsh in the Naardermeer,

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Microchlamys spec.

Microchlamys spec., the same cell in lateral view Microchlamys spec. Diagnosis: Shell relatively high compared with all described species. The diameter is twice the height.

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Infraorder Excentrostoma Kosakyan et al., 2016   Diagnosis: Testate amoebae with an eccentrically placed aperture; test organic with few or many xenosomes. Family Centropyxidae Jung, 1942  

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Infraorder Longithecina Kosakyan et al., 2016   Diagnosis: Testate amoebae with a more or less tubular or cylindrical test and a terminal aperture; test with

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